Kamis, 26 November 2009

First Story

See you again in this moment…My name Kuroinu , I know you all have to know me, because this is my blog lol… I want to tell you all, I need the comment too… I have a friend in the class… Yeah, I know she so kind, very very kind, but she too , yea, you know, she like a BIGGER STAR in my school. Anyone hate she, just her gang believe in her (like a God). Fool people huh? I’m sick to see her. Now, next trouble in my life… I have a best friend, and I have one ‘parasite’ too… this ‘parasite’ always take out my best friend from me, I know she think she win of that, but UKH! Kind and evil… Geez! Hey, you must know this one too… I love someone in my school, initial ‘V’… I love him, but of course he don’t know that…And, he love my blue friend (hurt me :’( uhuhu) Name ‘VN’, so shit! I know, the last boy I like is like ‘VN’ too… What must I do to believe this one this really make me sad to know who my love loving to… Are this life to unlucky for me? I don’t care people say anything… I just care my self, of course… That one not hurting me…

November 26, 2009.
By: Kuroinu *Traslatenya doank... Dikutip dri Diary Olivia Elvaretta*

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